Terms & Conditions

 2024 Terms of Trade - Policy Statement 

General Policies Include:

- Return of products 

- Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price

- Suggested Minimum Advertised Pricing

- Third Party Platform

Hi everyone

We have unique quality products here at Foraging Parrot that we have invested a lot of time and money in designing, manufacturing and importing. We are working towards building a brand that is known for great quality, strong, reliable and provides great enrichment for parrots and feel good experiences for their owners.

We would like the Foraging Parrot products to be represented professionally and the pricing all similar to the manufacturer's suggested retail price. 

We will not flood the market with stores selling our products in Australia, like other companies do.

We are only supplying to specialised bird shops/pet stores in limited locations that have great bird set ups. There will only be a small amount of competition with our products, so hopefully you have good sales without having to lower your prices.

We are working towards over the next couple years importing/wholesaling unique reputable brands and designing more products for Foraging Parrot.

Any claims arising from products must be made within seven working days of receiving the goods


Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP)

All products we would suggest a 100% markup plus GST at a minimum.


Maximum 20% of Suggested MARP as a advertised special 

2024 Policy Statement Explained

Commerce is rapidly evolving so we continually review our policies and procedures to ensure we are delivering the best service and value throughout our supply chain around the world. We are trying to develop a significant brand awareness and profitability at each level from manufacturing to retail sales.

In order to maintain multiple unique distribution channels and protect our reputation for quality products, Foraging Parrot promotes a Suggested Minimum Advertised Retail Pricing Policy. Foraging Parrot reserves the right to cease supplying product to any dealer whose selling program does not meet our ethical standards. We will be periodically reviewing all sellers of our products. Please report any seller of our products that is not a bird related venue who supplies knowledgeable customer service.

All retail vendors should strive to maintain pricing levels that incur a reasonable profit to be able to offer the high quality of customer service we expect with our products. Deep discounting via internet venues hurts everyone.

Third Party Platform Policy 

No price wars on third party platforms. It is important that our products are sold by professional stores and websites that have long term investments in the pet bird industry. We find third party sales platforms do not adequately support this goal, therefore our products are not to be offered to vendors to be sold, or advertised, on any third party sales platforms.

These platforms include but are not limited to Amazon EBay, Etsy etc.  Please report any vendor of our products that is operating on 3rd party platforms.

If any of our policies are not clear, or you have suggestions, please contact us.